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Immunisations & Vaccinations

Heales Medical can provide a complete range of services covering the following areas- Please click on the links below:

Immunisations of Health Workers, Staff and Students

Flu Vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations

Immunisations of Health Workers, Staff and Students

Heales Medical provides an outstanding service to a number of institutions small and large.

This includes staff who have regular clinical contact and who are directly involved in patient care.

This includes doctors, dentists, midwives and nurses, paramedics and ambulance drivers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and radiographers. Students and trainees in these disciplines and volunteers who are working with patients are also included (please see Student Clearance).

Heales Medical has developed an online process for assessing immunity status based on evidence provided and managing the process for ensuring that all vaccination and immunity assessments are properly completed with an immunity report provided to the employee/student via a secure e-mail for future reference.

Flu Vaccinations

We can carry out flu vaccinations on or off-site to prevent sickness absence due to flu. Clinics can range from a single nurse to multiple nurses supported by administration staff. We offer clients and/or client employees an online appointment booking service to reduce queuing and time away from the workplace. We also offer an online pre-vaccination questionnaire via a e-mail with a secure link to further reduce time when receiving a vaccination.

Many businesses have been able to reduce sickness absence and subsequent costs by introducing flu vaccination programmes for staff, this is considered of great benefit in safety critical industries (police, ambulance, utilities etc) though many employers feel that the benefits should be enjoyed by all staff irrespective of role or grade.

More specific Pandemics (Bird or Swine flu) will have different modes of treatment recommended by the Regional Directors for Public Health. We provide regular bulletins to clients if/when these occur. Back

Travel Vaccinations

We provide contractual clients travel vaccination advice as part of the service both via the website and in response to client enquiry. A number of travel vaccinations can be provided as part of the Occupational Health service although some may require attendance at a specialist travel clinic.

To discuss your specific needs in this area or to request quotation for Occupational Health provision on a regular basis, please do not hesitate to give us a ring or click here to enquire and we will be happy to assist. Back

Facts & Figures

All employers, employees & the self-employed have specific duties to ensure they are immunised in accordance with the recommendations from the Department of Health. This is to protect those at work and others who may be affected by their work activity. We offer:

Offer tailor made vaccination programmes to reduce sickness absence & improve business resilience especially during winter months

Operate a voucher programme which allows employees to be vaccinated at their local pharmacy for as little as £10 per person, or we can provide workplace vaccination programmes for as little as £6 per person

(COSHH 2002 regulations)

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