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Hearing (Audiometry) Testing

Regulated under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 Act, employees exposed to a wide audio range require continued health surveillance. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is one of the most prevalent and irreversible industrial diseases and if left unchecked, can prompt early retirement on ill-health grounds.

The HSE recommends a full risk assessment programme, ensuring comprehensive hearing protection, reduction and restriction. A baseline audiogram is assessed and subsequent regular hearing checks suggested.

With over a million people in Great Britain exposed to noise levels that put their hearing at risk make sure your employees are not another statistic.

In short- Please click on the links below:

Types of industries at greater risk

Tools can cause noise induced hearing loss

Testing procedure

Industries that carry a greater risk to noise exposure:

• Construction

• Demolition and road repair

• Woodworking

• Plastics Processing

• Engineering

• Textiles manufacture

• General fabrication

• Forging, pressing or stamping

• Paper or board making

• Canning and bottle making

• Foundries

• The entertainments industry Back

Tools can cause noise induced hearing loss:

• Hammering

• Drop forging

• Pneumatic impact tools etc

• Drills

• Chainsaws

• Explosive sources, guns, detonators or cartridge operated tools

Hearing tests (audiometry) are carried out and reported according to the HSE categorisation scheme as stated in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

For confidentially reasons we do not test more than one person at a time. Back

Testing procedure:

• Employees complete a pre-test questionnaire and bring it with them to the test.

• The questionnaire is checked and verified by the occupational health technician/nurse

• The employee is given an otoscopic inspection (ears internally checked for wax, infections, perforation etc).

• The hearing test is completed using computerised calibrated pure tone audiometer.

After the assessment (where we can during) A referral letter and copy of the results will be given to the employee to take to their doctor (GP) for further investigation if necessary.

We then produce and email a link or send the health surveillance reports (including a management summary report, statistical break down of results and an individual health surveillance report for employees’ personal file) to the referring company manager or health & safety/human resource representative.

The company are made aware of any employees where there may be a concern and are advised of any company follow up action as required.

To discuss your specific requirements or to provide you with a quote for Occupational Health provision on a regular basis or as a one off, please do not hesitate to give us a ring or click here to enquire and we will be happy to assist. Back

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